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Quick Start Guide for the Z-Fighter Hero Deck


To kick off your combo, aim to have either Dende or King Kai in your starting hand. King Kai's Planet is an essential card as it can search for King Kai, which is a crucial component to enable your engine.

Both Dende and King Kai have revival effects, reflecting their healing abilities from the anime.

  1. Start by activating King Kai's Planet, which lets you search for King Kai.

  2. Use King Kai's effect to special summon him from your hand. This requires sending one Z-Fighter from your deck to the graveyard, which is beneficial for your strategy as you want to have as many Z-Fighters in the graveyard as possible. Send Yamcha to the graveyard as he is a key card in this deck.

  3. Upon summoning, King Kai's effect activates, allowing you to search for another King Kai's Planet or a Genkidama spell card. Opt for Genkidama if you already have King Kai's Planet on the field.

  4. Optionally, you can use King Kai's Planet's effect to discard one Z-Fighter and draw two cards. This puts up to two Z-Fighters in the graveyard.

  5. Use King Kai's revival effect to bring back a Z-Fighter from the graveyard, such as Yamcha

  6. Now, special summon Yamcha from the graveyard. Yamcha’s effect allows you to special summon another Z-Fighter directly from the deck.
    Effect Lock: Note that this effect locks you into only special summoning Z-Fighters for the rest of the turn.

  7. Use Yamcha's effect to bring out Goku. There are two versions of Goku, Since the normal version of Goku is not a Z-Fighter and is Saiyan-type only, you cannot search him. Instead, search for Saiyan Saga Goku. This version is balanced to prevent broken combos and interactions. Saiyan Saga Goku's effect triggers, allowing you to search for a spell/trap that mentions "Goku" in its effect.
    • Example: Kamehameha, a quick spell interruption useful on your opponent’s turn.

  8.  Depending on how you play your turn, you can summon different extra deck monsters. For example:
    • Son Goku - One Handed Genkidama: If you have Dende and a level 4 monster on the field, you can summon this card for another quick effect interruption.

With one card, you have built a board with:

•    Three monsters on the field.
•    One quick spell interruption effect.
•    Four cards in hand, plus two drawn from King Kai's Planet.

By following this guide, you can effectively utilize the synergy between Yu-Gi-Oh and Dragon Ball Z characters to build powerful and strategic combos.

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